Eating healthy is an unspoken requirement for us all! Good diet tips can not only maintain good health but also, control or cure certain disorders. A by-product of all of this is, it helps maintain a sculpted body.

Diet Tip 1: Never starve yourself

Whether a person is on a weight loss journey or a journey of building and sculpting their body, eating is a feat feared. Why? Because fat is not wanted. But what a lot of people do not know is: starvation causes weight gain. Every time you ignore your body’s natural urge to feed itself, you make it think it is being killed. So what happens? The body will hold on to every single ounce of fat and store it permanently.
This type of weight is harder to lose. So make sure you eat when you are hungry but do not wait till your stomach is churning before you do. It will only result in overeating.


Diet Tip 2: Snack between meals

For the longest time, this was a TABOO! How dare you eat between meals?! However, studies have shown that eating healthy snacks between meals will maintain blood sugar levels, keep hunger at bay and maintain a healthy weight. Some healthy snack options are; baby carrots, nuts, fruits, etc.


Diet Tip 3: Drink a lot of water

We live in an era of artificial energy drinks ladened with sugars and chemicals. Do you know what is better? W.A.T.E.R! Water is the best substitute for any energy or carbonated drink. Water hydrates the body, prevents cardiac episodes as it lubricates the pericardium(the sac in which the heart sits), flushes out the kidneys, aids in digestion, prevents constipation, etc. The benefits of drinking water regularly are endless. The recommended amount in 1 Litre, minimum.


Diet Tip 4: Use a healthy sugar substitute

Sugar is necessary. But not in the amount and bleached state we consume it. There are many different healthy substitutes for white sugar. They are; honey, brown sugar, agave, date, etc.


Diet Tip 5: Always have a rest day

Working out every day will make you lose muscle mass: the exact opposite of what you want. On rest days, your muscles rebuild themselves, your body repairs and prepare for another workout section in a day or two. Resting is very important.


How To Maintain a Toned Body

There are different kinds of workout machines and exercise regimens to follow. But there are also tools that can propel you faster to the body you desire. SIXPAD is here to provide you with different products to contract muscles via EMS technology. You are sure to have a fit body.

Now that you know the diet tips necessary for a sculpted, toned and fit body, contact SIXPAD to further aid you on this journey.