International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. This is a day for acknowledging the struggles and achievements of women from different cultures from all over the world. Women have contributed immensely to human advancement in the fields of science and technology, politics, law enforcement, and so many more. We think everyone should celebrate International Women’s Day!

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The Top 3 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day:

On Birthdays or Valentine’s day, for example, giving a woman you know a gift such as one of these EMS devices would be brilliant. But International Women’s Day concerns issues that transcend individual women. We think the following ideas are meaningful ways to celebrate International Women’s Day:

1. Promote Gender Equality in Your Workplace

In 2020, the gender pay gap shouldn’t still exist, but it does. If every individual workplace acted intentionally to ensure equal pay across the board, the gender pay gap would be history.

This sort of change can start with you and your company. If you don’t have the power to be a direct change maker, you can use this day as a good opportunity to introduce the topic to the relevant decision-makers.

2. Support Female Authors, Musicians, and Artists

It might come as a surprise to learn that women in entertainment are not as appreciated as their male counterparts. Sure, you might think of the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga, but research shows that these megastars are the exception to the rule. 

One researcher, Dr. Stacey L. Smith, conducted some research into this and published a report titled “Inclusion in the Recording Studio?”

According to her findings, only 18% of artists in 2018 were female, and out of 633 songs surveyed, 57% did not credit a single female songwriter. Smith also had this to say: 

“What the experiences of women reveal is that the biggest barrier they face is the way the music industry thinks about women,” 

Given the massive underrepresentation of women in entertainment, one meaningful way to celebrate International Women’s Day is to consider spending some part of the day watching only movies with strong female leads or streaming music from upcoming female artists.

Another practical way to show support for women is to buy products from female entrepreneurs on sites such as Instagram, Depop, and Etsy. 

3. Acknowledge the Women in Your Life

A little note to a female boss who inspires you, or to a high-performing female colleague or subordinate is an excellent way to show women in the workplace that their efforts are recognized. Don’t forget to do the same for the women in your personal life.

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International Women’s Day in Recent Times

There have been some interesting themes around the celebration of International Women’s Day in recent years. These have included a focus on women in business, as well as breaking down stereotypical workplace roles for women:

2016 Facebook Interview with Karin Seegart

Karin Seegart, Chief of Staff at EPO discusses some of the challenges being faced by women all over the world. Speaking on the challenges she has faced as a woman in the corporate world, she had this to say, “The truth is that in a position like mine today you are in a minority and are working in a male-dominated environment, and I think that the challenge is to stay authentic and make the most of the strengths that you have as a person.”

Learn more about Karin Seegart and her perspective on International Women’s Day.

Breaking Down Workplace Stereotypes: Women in STEM roles

Women have long been underrepresented within STEM fields. According to research done by STEM Women, only 35% of people in STEM fields are women. This figure is even more alarming for engineering in particular, with only 10% female involvement in the UK, and 30% in Europe. 

To learn more, watch Michelle Obama talk about women in STEM. 

Women Deserve to be Celebrated

International Women’s Day gives us all an opportunity to celebrate and support women in our lives and all around us. However, celebrating women’s achievements and supporting their endeavors should not be limited to International Women’s Day. Instead, you should respect and acknowledge the women around you every day.