At some point during the year, most of us set fitness goals to improve our overall health. Achieving such goals is often equated to spending long hours every day in the gym, at least that’s the general perception. But what if you were finally able to hit your fitness goals from the comfort of your home? That might sound too good to be true but sometimes the solutions to some of our trickiest challenges can be found in front of our noses. Keep reading to know how electrical muscle stimulation can be the solution you have been seeking.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation- How it Works

What happens during a regular workout (for example, push-ups or pull-ups)? Your brain sends signals through the nervous system to initiate muscle contraction. During this process, about 30% of your muscle fibres are utilised, while the remaining 70% are dormant.

Electrical muscle stimulation bypasses this process by initiating muscle contraction through electrical pulses (creating involuntary muscle contractions) from an EMS device. It is worth noting that different electrical muscle stimulation devices in the market use various frequencies (often as high as 60 Hz) to create this involuntary muscle contraction.

SIXPAD’s Innovative Approach

So, what makes SIXPAD products stand out from the crowd? The higher frequencies (higher number of electrical impulses per unit time) utilised by other EMS devices lead to muscle fatigue after a relatively short period of time. This means that they become less effective as you use it. SIXPAD’s innovative approach utilises a lower frequency (20 Hz), which is proven to be more efficient since it does not cause muscle fatigue.

electrical muscle stimulation

Do you remember the 70% of muscle fibres that were left dormant? SIXPAD devices are also able to target them, thereby producing noticeable physical results during a shorter period of time.

Nota Bene

While SIXPAD devices have the potential to finally help you get your fitness results from home, your kitchen still plays a crucial role. The importance of eating healthy cannot be overemphasized, so make sure you eat a balanced diet. You could also add these SIXPAD home workouts for a more complete fitness experience and quicker results.

No more excuses! You now know how to hit your fitness goals through a proper diet and the use of electrical muscle stimulation. Get in touch with us to get started.