Picking out the top three female athletes today is not an easy task. Throughout history, there have been female athletes who have dominated their respective sports. And now, with advancements in sports technology, athletes across the board are reaching higher heights in performance, as well as in longevity. That said, there are a few women who have been so iconic in their sport as to almost come to define it. These three women are our top three picks:

1.     Serena Williams

Tennis has seen many great female players and there are some fans who might swear by other stars such as Steffi Graff. However, when one considers the sheer longevity of Serena Williams’ career and her professional record, she emerges a clear winner. Beginning her professional career at the age of 14, back in 1995, Serena Williams has amassed a record 23 grand slam titles.

Off the pitch, Serena Williams is an inspiration to many female tennis players who attempt to imitate her uniquely powerful playing style. It must also be said that Serena, and her sister Venus, broke through at a time when black female tennis players were a rarity. Her success may also therefore be seen as a shining light for diversity and inclusion.

2.     Marta

Marta Viera da Silva was to female football what Ronaldo or Messi are to male football. A player who could, create, score and generally entertain, she has been described as “Pele in skirts” by Pele himself. Marta earns her place on this list by virtue of her dominance at individual awards. Over the course of her career, she won six Fifa Women’s Player of the year awards, with five of these wins coming in consecutive years.

Marta is also the first footballer across both the male and female game to score in 5 consecutive world cups. Considering the fact that a world cup is held once every four years, this underscores the longevity of the Brazilian maestro.

3.     Lindsey Vonn

Although Lindsey Vonn retired last year, we think this is a proximate enough period to justify her inclusion on this list. Lindsey Vonn, like our previous two nominees, is another female athlete who almost completely dominated her sport while she was active. Vonn is one of only two female skiers to ever win four world cup overall championships. Impressively, three of these wins came in consecutive years.

She is also one of only six women to have won a world cup race across all five of the disciplines of Alpine racing. Cumulatively, Lindsey Vonn has racked up a truly impressive 63 career wins, making her the most successfully female skier in history. She is also the second most successful skier in history, across both male and female categories of skiing.

Do you agree that these are the top three female athletes today?

There are tens of other truly outstanding female athletes, and this list is ultimately subjective. However these three women are true icons who dominated and, in some cases, defined their sports over a period of years.

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