Sometimes looking back to the past is the best way to go forward, after all, History often finds a way to repeat itself either way. Therefore, looking back to ancient greek workout tips can provide a solid foundation which you can improve on by adding recent fitness ideas or technologies to produce optimum results. Without further ado, let’s delve into some ancient workout tips you can still use today.

6 Ancient Greek Workout Tips

1. Body oil

This might sound a little bit strange but ancient Greek sportsmen believed that massaging or lathering their bodies with natural oils helped to relax them and also gave them a distinctive shine. This also protected them during the cold periods of the year.

2. Outdoor running

Ready for a good run outdoor run? This ancient Greek workout tip was used to improve cardiovascular function, strengthen the immune system and also improve endurance. Sprinters, in particular, ran on the sand to improve athletic performance and endurance since it was is more difficult for the legs to get a strong grip.

3. Music

The Greeks believed that music and training were to be experienced together as they were both pleasing to the mind. It was common to find at least one aulos player in each gymnasium at the time. The person in charge of the aulos player was supposed to produce rhythmic music especially when the athletes were warming up. This ancient Greek workout tip is still widely practised today.

4. Diet

Yes! Dieting also played an important fitness role in ancient Greece. This surely explains why they enjoyed relatively lower rates of cardiovascular diseases. Due to their proximity to the mediterranean sea, fish was an important component of their meals. They also ate lots of vegetables, grains and fruits.

5. Drunk training

Being drunk was not an excuse that would have helped you skip training in ancient Greece. Athletes were advised to avoid drinking heavily on the nights before training. Those who were found wanting had to complete less intensive workouts. However, the better thing to do would be to avoid alcohol the night before your training and make sure you drink lots of water to rehydrate.

6. The palestra

The palestra was the place where young greeks were taught how to wrestle. But this wrestling school did not just incorporate physical education, it was also a site to train the mind. This was where young Greeks were taught the Greek ideals as they believed that an all-round education should focus on the body, spirit and the mind.

As earlier mentioned, you can use some of these ancient Greek workout tips and combine them with recent technologies such as SIXPAD’s EMS devices for better results. Which workout tip will you try first? Get in touch with us for more information.