Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) or electromyostimulation, is a training technique that is becoming increasingly popular with fitness professionals, and for good reason. With EMS training, athletes or other fitness enthusiasts are able to take their fitness training to another level by electrically stimulating intense contractions. Intrigued? Here are 7 things you should know about EMS muscle training:

1. EMS Takes Away Brain Work

During regular exercise, the brain sends impulses that cause contractions to your muscles through your nervous system. EMS works by hacking this process to somewhat impersonate the brain, sending stronger electrical signals. EMS devices come with electrodes that can be placed on the skin around muscles that are being targeted. Through these electrodes, electrical impulses are sent from the device to the muscles, allowing muscles to contract on their own without any voluntary input.

2. Research Has Proven That it Works!

EMS should not be used as a complete substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise. When it is used correctly, however, studies have shown that EMS can help improve muscle tone and increase strength.

3. EMS Doesn’t Just Help Build Muscle, it Encourages Recovery 

EMS has also been shown to reduce the time it takes for muscles to recover. This is especially useful for athletes who have tight schedules and little time to dedicate to letting their injuries heal. EMS speeds up the recovery process because the contractions it produces encourage blood flow, increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen – two essentials for recovery. And it does this without any extra input from the brain or risk of further injury that occurs with regular exercise.

4. You can Train Anywhere with EMS Devices

EMS units like SIXPAD’s Abs belts are portable devices that you can carry around and use anywhere. They allow you to make the most of your downtime and train your muscles even when you are sitting at your desk in the office, washing dishes, watching TV, etc.

5. EMS Muscle Training Allows for Shorter and More Effective Workout

One of the best ways to use EMS for muscle training is to incorporate it into your exercise routines. For instance, wearing an arm belt while you do push-ups. As you perform voluntary movements, the electrical impulses will enhance the contractions by making them more intense and stimulating deep muscles that you normally will not be able to reach. As such, you can exercise for about 25 minutes and get results that would ordinarily take several hours of conventional exercise to achieve.

6. EMS is Safe and Painless

One of the most common concerns is the safety of EMS devices especially since they use electricity to stimulate contractions. But EMS devices are completely safe. The electrical pulses they release are very low in frequency. In fact, SIXPAD devices use a frequency of only 20Hz. This is much lower than the frequency used by other brands in the market whilst being much more effective and beneficial.

EMS is also completely painless. The frequency of electrical impulses is not high enough to cause pain. The impulses just produce tingling sensations that might take some getting used to.

7. EMS Should Not be Used in Certain Cases

Although EMS muscle training can safely be used by most people, some people should avoid using it. This includes pregnant women, people with cardiac pacemakers and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, neurological conditions, and epilepsy.

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