Making a conscious effort to improve your fitness on a regular basis is a decision you won’t regret. How would you? There are so many benefits attached to it and it positively affects almost all aspects of our lives- from improving your physical and mental health to improving the quality of your sleep. So, why aren’t you able to exercise regularly to enjoy these benefits? Can’t leave your house to go to the gym? Too much work? No motivation? Don’t worry, SIXPAD’s muscle toner has got you covered.

SIXPAD’s Muscle Toner- How Does it Work

Before looking at how this innovative device works, it is important to understand how your body functions during a normal workout. So, let’s say you are really motivated to exercise today. You head straight to Google to search for home workouts you can do at home. Once you start your workout, your brain sends electrical signals (messages) to your muscles telling them to contract- that’s how you are able to do your push-ups or squats. During this process, about 30 % of muscle fibres are used, while the remaining 70 % remain inactive.

So, let’s say the next day you are experiencing muscle fatigue and pain, and you are not really motivated to do any workout. You suddenly remember that a friend had told you about a muscle toner he’d been using, but you were sceptical. You really want to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, so you decide to go to their online shop and order your device. Your device arrives, and you are excited to try it immediately. You put your ab belt on, and press start to begin your 23 minutes programme while wondering how it actually works.

SIXPAD’s muscle toners use EMS technology (electrical muscle stimulation) to produce involuntary muscle contraction. That is, it sends its own signals (message) directly to your muscles, thereby allowing it to contract. That makes sense, but another question pops up in your mind, “I have seen so many different EMS devices, what makes SIXPAD so special?”

There are lots of EMS devices in the market that use varying frequencies, that ultimately lead to varying results. SIXPAD has been carrying out a lot of experiments to determine the most efficient frequency to tone muscles, and they discovered that 20 Hz was ideal. Remember the 70 % of muscle fibres that were left dormant? SIXPAD’s innovative 20 Hz frequency is able to target them without causing muscle fatigue, therefore, producing noticeable results within a shorter period of time. What’s more, you can track your progress through the SIXPAD app on your smartphone.

No more obstacles preventing you from enjoying the benefits of fitness with SIXPAD’s muscle toner. Get in touch with us for more information.