The stomach toner from SIXPAD is an absolute game-changer for people looking to develop toned abs. As anyone who has ever attempted developing abs will tell you, this is generally easier said than done. Ordinarily, you will need to follow a strict regimen of exercise including cardio, strength training, along with a high protein, healthy diet. For the average person, this is not always feasible. Between work, school, hobbies, raising a family, and just being a normal person, finding the time, energy, and zeal to keep up with a strict training regimen is just not that easy.

How the Stomach Toner Helps

Our stomach toner is an Electrical Muscle Stimulator and works by triggering involuntary contractions in your muscles — which then lead to muscle growth. What this means is that by simply using one of these devices, without doing any extra exercise, you can achieve significant levels of muscle growth.

While EMS technology has been around for a while, few EMS devices are proven to be effective, leading to a lot of speculation over whether these devices are worth the investment. At SIXPAD, we have developed proprietary technology that is proven, through highly reputably research, to work effectively!

Don’t take our word for it though, you can rely on the words of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the fittest athletes on the planet, who uses SIXPAD’s EMS devices. According to him, “I’ve always said to myself that consistent effort to improve my capabilities is the key to becoming the world’s best. EMS is an important factor in achieving that improvement.” Another elite athlete who used EMS was Bruce Lee!

Four Reasons to Use the Stomach Toner


Simply strap on the device, and sit back while it does the hard work. You can use this device while eating, watching tv, or reading a book, virtually anywhere.

2.Effective results

By triggering up to 70% more contractions in your muscles, our EMS devices guarantee better results than you could achieve through exercise alone.

3.Affordable cost

SIXPAD ab devices are generally affordable when compared to their benefits. Take a look at our devices to find one within your budget.

Get Started With The Stomach Toner!

Are you ready to build the abs you have always dreamed of? The best thing about this process is that it won’t require much effort at all! If you would like to learn more, go ahead and contact us right away!