A toned bum does a lot more than improve your looks. While for lots of women this is the primary objective, stronger bum muscles also help improve your speed and power, while helping to protect your joints. These benefits may be important if you lead an active, sporty lifestyle, or have a physically demanding job.

Whatever your objectives are, developing a toned bum is usually an intensive process that requires a mix of diet and exercise to pull off. For most people, however, exercise can be hard to keep up with, particularly when there is work or school, and family to keep up with. The good news is, with SIXPAD’s Body Fit EMS device, exercise is no longer going to be the bridge between you and your fitness goals!

How the Bum Toner Works

SIXPAD’s Electrical Muscle Stimulation devices use proprietary technology to trigger contractions in targeted muscles, which then leads to growth. Ordinarily, this process is regulated by the brain, which sends electrical impulses to the muscles involved in a particular exercise, triggering these contractions. With regular exercise, only about 30% of the muscles involved in the exercise are activated, but when you use an EMS device from SIXPAD, you will be able to achieve up to full activation of the targeted muscles.

How to Develop a Toned Bum With SIXPAD EMS Body Fit

Now that you understand what makes EMS so effective, here is how to use it for best results:

1. Use While Resting

One of the major benefits of the SIXPAD EMS devices is the fact that they can be used in almost any place, and at almost any time. Simply strap the device on, sit back, and let it work.

2. Adequate Rest

Just as with regular exercise, your body requires a period of rest after using an EMS device. Failure to allow time for adequate rest will inhibit muscle growth and may lead to an increased risk of injuries.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

A healthy protein-rich diet is essential for muscle growth. While our EMS devices do the heavy lifting, for best results, be sure to complement this by consistently eating an appropriate amount of healthy, proteinous foods such as chicken breasts, kidney beans, chickpeas, Greek yoghurt, etc.

Get Started With Building a Toned Bum!

Are you ready to develop a toned bum? Check out our store to find a suitable Body Fit device to help you achieve your goals. If you would like to learn more about how EMS devices work, visit read our FAQs or simply get in touch!