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How to Prepare for your London Marathon 2020 Entry

If you have been granted entry to the London Marathon for 2020, you will be participating in one of the world’s most popular marathon events. Congratulations!

You will be running 26.2 miles along with some of the world’s most accomplished runners such as Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder for the fastest marathon time. 

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10 Things to Give up for Lent

As Lent approaches, you’re probably wondering what to give up this year. While many people give up food, you may choose to also give up certain habits or guilty pleasures. The point is to undergo a period of willing self-denial. We have compiled this list of 10 things to give up for Lent – if you follow them you will discover both spiritual and physical benefits.

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How to Integrate SIXPAD into your Routine

Achieving your fitness goals can be really challenging. How many times did you subscribe to your local gym just to go for the first few days and give up? How many fitness apps did you download in your smartphone without ever using?

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Top 10 Fitness Tips – The SIXPAD Guide for Champions

Bet this is not your first time looking for top 10 fitness tips to get in shape. The fitness journey often feels like being on a hamster wheel. It seems easy at the start when you are very motivated. You feel like the gym can be your second home, until life hits you hard- your motivation fades away, those goals which used to be so clear suddenly become blur, and you finally stop and the cycle continues.

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5 Fitness Myths Debunked to Get You on the Right Track

“Life is a journey that must be traveled,” and so making sure you take a step towards the right direction every day should be one of your main goals. Putting that into perspective, what you don’t know about fitness could take you off track or into the wrong direction.

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Fitness Tips: The Top 3 You Must Live By For A Better Lifestyle

If you’re reading this post then we would like to congratulate you on taking a step forward in the right direction in reaching your fitness goals. Different people have different fitness goals and irrespective of what your fitness goals are, these following fitness tips will definitely come in handy.

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How to Improve your Self-esteem Better Yourself

Self-esteem is something everyone struggles with. Some of us dealt with it as young pubescent children and for others, it is still a daily battle. However, there are ways to improve self-esteem for everyone.

Here is how:


I know.

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