Ab Core Trainer: The Secret Ingredient You’re Missing

Ab Core Trainer: The Secret Ingredient You’re Missing

Every year countless people come up with a couple of fitness targets which often include strengthening their core muscles or, popularly known as building six-pack muscles. And while most people might share this common fitness goal, they all take different routes to achieve that- from hiring a personal trainer and gym subscriptions to buying fitness gadgets such as the ab core trainer- with varying degrees of success.

Ab stimulators have grown in popularity in recent years due to the incredible results they guarantee. But before we get into the benefits of SIXPAD’s ab core trainer, it is important for you to have compelling reasons to strengthen your core in the first place.


While strengthening your core to have that beach body is not a bad thing, it is time we appreciate those muscles for what they really are and what they bring to the table.

1. Your core is your support system

Your core is your support system, and so strengthening it will help you maintain an upright posture. Having a good posture will help reduce back pain, improve breathing, decrease your risks of disc herniation.

2. Your core protects important internal organs

One of the most important reasons you should strengthen your core muscles is that they help protect some of the most important organs in your body- kidneys, liver, part of your spinal cord, pancreas etc.

3. Your core is central to almost every movement

From the moment you wake from the bed in the morning, your core muscles are already at work. Almost every movement you carry out all through the day either originate from your core or move through it. Strengthening your core, therefore, helps you do a wide range of movements with more ease and with lower risks of injury.


Chances are you are convinced you should start or continue strengthening the muscles of your core. If that’s the case, here are some reasons you need SIXPAD’s ab core trainer.

1. Easy to use and comfortable

SIXPAD’s ab stimulators are made of lightweight and breathable material that are really comfortable. Saying that this EMS device is easy to use is an understatement, as all you really need to do is put it on and press the start button. It comes with an installed 23-minutes training programme that automatically increases intensity over time.

2. Convenient 

There are always days when you either lack the motivation or time to exercise. No need to worry about that anymore as you can conveniently use SIXPAD’s ab belt to strengthen your core muscles. They can be worn under your clothes, and so you can use them while doing your daily activities. What’s more, you can control it and track your progress through the SIXPAD app on your smartphone.

3. Gives you results

What makes SIXPAD’s ab core trainers unique is the lower 20Hz frequency it utilises to effectively train your core muscles. You will be able to enjoy great results by combining this innovative technology with a good diet and regular exercise.

SIXPAD’s ab core trainer is that missing piece of your fitness puzzle you have been missing. Get yours now or contact us for more information.



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