Best Ab Toner: Why SIXPAD is a Game Changer

Best Ab Toner: Why SIXPAD is a Game Changer

It is fair to say that most people dream about having beautiful, sculpted abs. Unfortunately, the number of people who actually live that reality is far too small. There are various reasons for this- some people lack the time to exercise regularly, others fail to appreciate the importance of a good diet in their fitness journeys, and another group of people put all their hopes on unproven ab toners. While EMS devices, in general, have proven to be a revolution in the fitness industry in recent years, it is important to note that not all of these devices are made equal. You will need to get the best ab toner for the best results.


During a regular exercise, the brain sends impulses through the nervous system to the muscles which enable you to carry out a wide range of motions. EMS devices bypass this process by sending their own signals directly to your muscles leading to muscle contractions and muscle growth after some time. However, while most ab toners in the market use EMS technology, they do so with a varying degree of results. This is why you can only settle for the best ab toner- SIXPAD’s Abs Belt.


1. Easy to use

Following your workout plan regularly is already hard enough. You wouldn’t want to add a complicated Ab toner to the mix. SIXPAD devices are very practical and easy to use. All you really need to do is put the device on and press the start button which launches your 23-minute programme. You can also download the SIXPAD app on your smartphone to unlock added features and track your progress. This app is able to connect simultaneously to multiple devices while allowing you to customise your training experience.

2. Comfortable and suits various lifestyles

The SIXPAD ab toner is designed for comfort as it is made from lightweight and breathable material. This makes them really convenient for the busiest workdays or most relaxing holidays. You can use them during your workouts while doing chores at home or while reading your favourite book.

3. Unique technology

The unique technology utilised by all SIXAD devices is the cherry on the cake. They use the 20 Hz frequency which has been proven by global authorities in sports medicine to be the most efficient at training muscles. What’s more, you need only 23 minutes for your training. SIXPAD ab toners come with an installed programme that increases the exercise intensity gradually over time and switches off on its own once your training is completed.

If you have been dreaming about having those chiselled six-pack muscles, you can now live that dream with the best ab toner in the market. Get in touch with us for more information.



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