Does the Abs Stimulator Work?

If you have set out to find out the best way to develop chiselled abs, then you will likely have come across the abs stimulator. If you are sceptical about its efficacy, this is understandable, and you are not alone. However, you can put your fears to rest, as some ab stimulators do work. The key is to use only those from a reputable brand like SIXPAD, which are backed by concrete research.


Ab stimulators work by using a process known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). During normal exercise, the brain sends instructions to your muscles via electrical impulses transmitted over a complex network of nerves. The signals that eventually reach your muscles usually stimulate only 30% of your muscle fibres, leaving up to 70% dormant.

EMS devices such as ab stimulators work by somewhat impersonating your brain, by sending direct, targeted, and intense signals to your muscles. These signals result in more powerful contractions and effectively stimulate all of the muscle fibres targeted.  As such, when you use EMS devices such as SIXPAD’s Abs Stimulator, you will achieve optimal muscle contractions with no voluntary effort.


If you are still sceptical, consider the fact that Bruce Lee, a man known as the father of mixed martial arts, included EMS in his rigorous training routines. What’s more, one of the greatest sportsmen of our time, Cristiano Ronaldo, has this to say about EMS: “I’ve always said to myself that consistent effort to improve my capabilities is the key to becoming the world’s best. EMS is an important factor in achieving that improvement.”

If these fitness icons trust EMS devices, surely, you can too. Below are some of the benefits you can hope to attain with an Ab Stimulator:

1. Effective growth

As explained, EMS produces more contractions, this leads to faster, and more widespread muscle growth.

2. Less soreness and faster recovery

Exercise leads to minuscule tears and injuries in your muscles that produce soreness. To avoid serious damage, you must give yourself time to recover. With EMS devices, however, your recovery time is significantly reduced because it stimulates an increased flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the areas on which you use the device.

3. Shorter workout sessions

Not everyone can muster up the determination it takes to spend hours in the gym sculpting your body. EMS devices take away the need to do this. Just 25 minutes of ab exercises with SIXPAD’s ab belt on can give you results that others spend hours to achieve.


Due to the growing popularity of EMS devices, you have many options to pick from today but not all of these devices are genuinely effective, and no other brand can offer you the level of effectiveness, comfort, and convenience that SIXPAD guarantees. Our ab belts are created using the latest technology and are based on leading research. If you would like more information, please get in touch with us and we would be delighted to walk you through the process.



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