Easy Arm Toner: Getting Started Toning Your Arms with SIXPAD

Easy Arm Toner: Getting Started Toning Your Arms with SIXPAD

Looking to develop nicely toned arms? One way to go about this is to spend hours working in the gym or at home, lifting weights or doing countless push-ups. Exercise works but as you probably already know, exercise can be really hard to keep up with, and sometimes it just isn’t fun. If you find yourself nodding in agreement, then you should try the easy arm toner from Sixpad!

Sixpad’s easy arm toner is a device called arm belt, which uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to target the deep muscles in the arm, and producing a deeper muscle workout than exercise alone would.


When you exercise, the body exerts certain muscles, causing minuscule tears. In the period of rest after exercise, these tears get repaired, with the body adding a little extra which is what leads to growth. However, the human body is built for efficiency, which can be a drawback during exercise, as you never fully exert all the muscles involved in any particular exercise.

Electrical muscle stimulation, using a Sixpad device, mimics the role of the brain by sending impulses to the muscles that would otherwise have been unused during exercise. The result is a far more exerting exercise, with more growth. With normal exercise, you might successfully target 30% of the available muscles whereas, with a Sixpad device, the number goes up to 100%.


You probably already see the benefits, but here is a bit of extra information that will have you even more convinced:

1. Highly Portable

At home, while you have breakfast, or even in your spare time at work, our arm belt is unobtrusive and portable.

2. Faster Results

Why slave through hundreds of pushups for a fraction of the muscle growth? Sixpad EMS devices are guaranteed to deliver much better muscle growth than exercise alone.

3. Bruce Lee and Cristiano Ronaldo Trust EMS Technology

When it comes to sports, few individuals can claim to be in better condition than Bruce Lee and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both of these athletes use EMS technology! If they trust and rely on it, you probably will be safe following their example.


An easy arm toner is a good tool for people who do not have the time to devote to exercise. Simply get yourself one, sit back, and let the arm belt from Sixpad do the heavy lifting for you. If you would like to buy one right away, please visit our store, or get in touch if you would like a bit more information.



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