EMS Training: the Best Way to Improve Your Core Strength

Who doesn’t want to be fit? Have a strong core including a well-chiselled six-pack. Having your clothes fit you effortlessly. Being able to climb a flight of stairs without breathing like you played a 90 minutes Football match. Finally have that confidence to take on any task at work, go to the beach, and even talk to that guy/lady you have been admiring for ages. The list goes on and on as the benefits are countless. Bet you are already sweating because you feel you need to sleep in a gym to accomplish this. No need to worry, EMS training is your answer.


EMS training has become really popular recently. This explains why studios incorporating this technology have been popping out in London like mushrooms. But what is EMS training and how does it work? Is it a myth or reality? EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) was originally used in the Medical sector, specifically for patients who needed physiotherapy. Today, this technology is also used in the fitness industry.

During an EMS training session, your muscles are made to contract through stimulation from the electrical impulses of an external device rather than your brain during a normal workout. This means you build a strong core through this external stimulation, without having to do the traditional core workouts.


For a number of people, the most significant benefit of electrical muscle stimulation is convenience. We live in a fast-paced world in which some people struggle to find time to go to the gym. If that is the challenge you are currently facing, then this technology is your solution.

There is also a category of people who have the time but are either lazy to go to the gym or they are worried about the pain they will feel after the exercises. All you need is stimulation from SIXPAD devices to tone your muscles. This can be done while reading a book, watching a movie on Netflix and even in your office, it is that convenient.

EMS training is what we have all been waiting for to finally have that dream body. What other excuses have you got? Contact us now and start your training.



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