How to Get Fit Fast Using an Electric Muscle Toner

How to Get Fit Fast Using an Electric Muscle Toner

When it comes to keeping fit and getting toned muscles, consistent exercise is essential. However, the advancement of technology is providing faster, more efficient ways to achieve your fitness goals. One of these ways is the use of an Electric Muscle Toner.


Electric muscle toners are based on the concept of Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which has been around for many years but has only just come to the fore recently. Some reasons for this may include the fact that prominent athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo use and recommend EMS devices, and there is an increasing body of scientific research that proves the effectiveness of EMS.  Away from the world of fitness, EMS is used by medical professionals to provide physical therapy that helps mitigate conditions such as muscle wasting, proving that the concept works.


EMS works by imitating the brain’s capacity to trigger contractions in muscles by sending electrical signals. Ordinarily, to perform any action, your brain sends these electrical signals to your muscles through your nervous system. But it usually only manages to stimulate 30% of the muscle fibres in any given area.

EMS devices imitate this sequence but with a much higher rate of muscle contraction that could be as high as 100%. As such, EMS devices tend to produce results faster and more effectively than regular exercise. One study conducted on athletes showed that EMS resulted in increased physical performance, speed and strength.


EMS is a powerful tool for muscle growth, but like all tools, it must be used effectively, in order to gain the best results. This means that your use of EMS must be combined with healthy lifestyle habits that promote muscle growth. Below are a few ways in which you can use electric muscle toners to achieve your fitness goals:

Use EMS devices while you relax

Wearing an EMS device during times of leisure e.g. while you watch TV or read a book helps you make the most of those times and train your muscles without any effort. Some studies have shown that doing this regularly can actually produce remarkable results.

Maintain a healthy diet

While exercise produces muscle contractions that lead to tears, it is in the process of healing that the muscles achieve growth. A healthy diet is essential for proper growth, and protein, in particular, is the primary building block employed in the growth and repair of muscle fibres. To get the most of out your EMS use, be sure to complement it with a healthy, high protein diet.

Adequate rest

Given how easy it is to use EMS devices, it may be tempting to use them frequently in order to maximise growth. However, torn muscles require a sufficient amount of rest in order to allow the healing process to take place. Additionally, overtraining can lead to injuries.


Not all EMS devices are created equally. Based on research by Professor Toshio Moritani, a leading authority in the field of sports science, SIXPAD’s devices use a unique 20Hz frequency that you will not find with any other brand. This frequency has been proven to train and tone muscles more effectively whilst decreasing the risk of injury. To find out more about our devices and how they work, get in touch with us right away.



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