Myth or Reality: Do Ab Belts Work?

Who doesn’t want a flat tummy with model-like abs? The problem is achieving this goal and getting the desired results can be really tough. Some people find core strengthening exercises to be impossible, others are not patient or consistent enough to see any results while others struggle to add these exercises to their busy schedules. All these challenges and more have led to the increase in popularity of ab belts and other devices which all come with the promise of giving users the sought after six-pad muscles. This has led people to ask this important question, do ab belts work or are they a complete stunt?

How do ab belts work? Ab belts use EMS (electric muscle stimulation) technology to strengthen the core muscles. This technology has been used for a long time as it was first introduced to help patients in rehabilitation programmes. Today, the technology is widely used in the fitness industry to tone abdominal muscles as well as muscles in other parts of the body. Normally, during exercise, your muscles are made to contract by signals coming from your brain. Ab belts are designed to produce this contraction directly through electrical pulses.

SIXPAD has revolutionised this technology by using the more efficient 20 Hz frequency. Most ab belts are known to use higher frequencies (as high as 60 Hz). A higher frequency means a higher number of electrical impulses per unit time, which lead to muscle fatigue after a relatively short period of time. Once this happens, you will get little or no results from the training. Numerous studies have shown that the 20 Hz frequency, which is utilised by SIXPAD, is more efficient for training without causing muscle fatigue.

Coming back to the main question, do ab belts work? Yes, they work. However, in order for you to get optimum results, it is important that you follow a healthy diet as well. Get in touch with us and start living your dream.



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