SIXPAD Leg Belt: Overcoming Your Fitness Obstacles

SIXPAD Leg Belt: Overcoming Your Fitness Obstacles

It takes a lot of motivation, work and time to tone your leg muscles and see noticeable results through regular workouts. On your good day, you probably have enough motivation to do your leg workouts but you lack the time to fit them into your schedule. And on the few days you are able to spare a minute, you find yourself on Netflix because you didn’t have enough motivation to hit the gym. How do you overcome these fitness obstacles? Your solution is the SIXPAD leg belt.


1. Stronger leg muscles

Using the SIXPAD leg belt will help you strengthen your leg muscles with minimal effort. It targets your quadriceps, whose main function is to straighten a bent knee, and your hamstrings, which helps you bend your knees. These muscles help you carry out daily activities like, walking, running, jumping, getting up from a chair, climbing the stairs etc. Strengthening these muscles, therefore helps you carry out these activities more efficiently while decreasing your risks for leg injuries as they also reduce the strain on various ligaments. The SIXPAD leg belt also provides a relaxing experience similar to a massage as it helps to release the tension on your muscles.


2. It fits into your schedule

We all know the importance of fitness, and how it affects our overall health. That’s why we try to find time during the day to do some workouts at home or at the gym. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different for a number of people as their hectic schedules don’t allow them to do that. If that’s the case for you, then you should be using SIXPAD devices as they will fit effortlessly into your schedule. You can use them while doing your house chores, at work or even while watching a movie on the days you don’t have enough motivation.


3. Comfortable and convenient

The SIXPAD leg belt is able to fit comfortably on your leg as it is highly flexible, lightweight and thin. It also comes with gel sheets that are used to attach it to your skin enabling you to move around freely without worrying about it falling off. It also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last a month of training when it is fully charged. This device is so convenient and easy to use, all you need to do is attach it to your leg, and long-press the “+” button to start your 23-minutes training, with the possibility to adjust the intensity depending on your needs. What’s more, you can connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth using the SIXPAD app so as to easily monitor your progress.

Overcoming your fitness obstacles is now possible with the SIXPAD leg belt. SIXPAD is always working on innovative ways to help you improve your fitness. Contact us for more information.



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