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Training Suit Arm

30% Increase in Muscle Resistance, Engineered in Japan


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  • Turn your everyday actions such as walking and running into healthy training exercises.
  • For comfort, the suit uses a fabric that fits snugly to the skin, and is designed to effectively develop targeted muscles.
  • While wearing the SIXPAD Training Suit, your everyday natural actions encounter a moderate amount of resistance to increase your muscle activity.
  • No matter how busy your schedule is, you can begin a healthy workout just by wearing the SIXPAD Training Suit.
  • Up to 30% increase in muscle resistance.
  • Helps to tone the upper arm by applying an appropriate amount of resistance to the triceps.
  • By positioning the difficult-to-stretch High Power Zone on the inner side of the arm only, the training gear is designed so that the fabric applies resistance when you move your arm.
  • When you extend your elbow, an appropriate amount of resistance is applied to the triceps on the outer side of the upper arm.
  • At work or at home, simply moving your arm will naturally increase the activity level of your arm muscles.
  • Triceps training.
  • Designed and engineered in Japan.

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Non-supportive fabric: Nylon 65%, Polyurethane 35%; Supportive fabric: Nylon 50%, Polyester 25%, Polyurethane 25%

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